Douglas Orane has been an integral part of business growth in his hometown Jamaica.



The Value of Teamwork


I’ve always had a great love of sports, albeit as a very average performer myself. In my professional life, I’ve been fascinated by the parallels between the ingredients for success in the sporting arena
and those in the world of business. Read more.


The Contribution of Women


In my worldwide travels, I’ve been struck by how powerful our women are compared tothose in most other countries. This forum gave me the opportunity to congratulate our women for their often unacknowledged contributions. Read more.


Outrage at the Effects of Violent Crime on Our Productivity


I was both grieving and angry when I gave these remarks. Grieving for four GraceKennedy colleagues who had already been murdered since the beginning of that year, and angry at how violent crime was savaging our society ’s fabric. Read more.


The Foundry

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